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Opening Ceremony of Employee Cafeteria at YG-1 India Head Office

On February 22nd, 2024, YG-1 India Pvt. Ltd. held an opening ceremony for its employee cafeteria at the Head Office in Bangalore, India. The event, honored by Chairman Hokeun Song, marked a pivotal moment in their journey. The employee cafeteria is designed to emulate YG-1's original factory, encapsulating efforts to recreate our founding essence.


In response to YG-1 India's rapid growth, which has seen its employee strength triple over the past 18 months, adding this new cafeteria facility was essential. Chairman Song attended this event during his visit to YG-1 India, marking the event with an appreciation for the replica of YG-1's original factory. Additionally, the event recognized the dedication of their long-serving employees with 'Long Service Awards'.

The cafeteria reflects YG-1 India's commitment to providing a supportive work environment as the company anticipates continued growth and success.


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