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TitaNox-Power HPC and YG Tap Chip Breaker win MM Award in China

On April 10th, 2024, YG-1 was honored with two prestigious awards from the MM Award in China. The TitaNox-Power HPC Solid Carbide End Mill, a product renowned for its innovation, clinched the 'The Innovative Product Award.' Meanwhile, the YG Tap Chip Breaker TiN-coated HSS-E Tap, a testament to our commitment to process innovation, secured the 'Process Innovation Award.'

Beijing Jigong Vogel Media established the MM Award. The winners are selected through a rigorous process that includes online voting, user voting, media recommendation, and expert evaluation, which is the second time that YG-1 has been honored with the MM Award, having previously won the award with HSS-PM Prime Tap X-Coating in 2023.

The award is a testament to the market's high regard for TitaNox-Power HPC and YG Tap Chip Breaker's superior performance and cutting-edge technology.

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