YG-1 TM Xpert

Thread Mill CNC Program Generator

Machining, Operation


Number of passes

Number of passes, axial
Number of passes, radial (max 4)

S = safety distance
D1 = Cutter diameter
l = Length of cutting edge
Z = Number of flutes
Vc = Cutting speed
Fz = Feed/tooth
Fdr = Drilling feed
Tool Entry (% of Feed) %
N = Spindle speed RPM
FD = Feed at thread diameter
Fd = Feed in center of mill
T = Time to mill the thread seconds
Controller Type
Tool Offset No. Length: (H)
Tool Offset No. Radius: (D)
Coordinates Type
Number of passes, radial
1 Radial Pass
Safety distance
Safety distance  - Thread Milling
Tool entry
Tool Entry
Controller Type
Coordinates Type
Tool Peripheral Path, Tool Center Path, Coordinates Type

The cutting time is 0 minutes 0 sec. The operation requires cycle. Please ensure that you enter the correct tool radius / diameter offset into your machine’s tables.